International moving with your pets


Before moving your pets overseas, it’s a good to make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your pet examined to check their general wellbeing. This ensures your pet will be able to deal with the stress of relocating abroad to another country as breed and age are a major consideration. They may also be able to help you with the documentation needed and any general advice for moving your pet abroad. You should however conduct your own research to find out the requirements of the country you are moving to.

Finding a job abroad

Moving overseas to find a new career

Many people have different ideas on finding a job overseas and working abroad. Some people are lucky enough to find a job available to them in the organisation where they currently work. However, for some, this is not possible because not all companies have offices overseas, and even if they have branches outside the UK then what is probability that you will be chosen to work abroad?

A guide to food when moving abroad


It is difficult to picture the things you will miss most when moving overseas. Leaving your family in your home country and not spending time with the ones dearest to you, or wishing your best friend was close by to talk through your problems, or not being able to visit your favourite shops, are just a few concerns you may have.

Relocating Abroad - a definitive guide part 2


To aid in preparation for your international removal, we have set out underneath, a suggested checklist starting from four weeks prior to you move abroad, right up to the last week of the move.
You can use this to cross items off as you go, you can print out a copy of your international moving checklist so you can have it closely available to you should you need to refer to it.

Relocating Abroad - a definitive guide part 1


The world today has become a global village. Thanks to the internet, as more of the world is opening up, people too are venturing out of their comfort zones in search of new avenues. It may be for education, income or a new life. This of course means relocation, packing all your stuff and possibly taking the help of packers and movers.

Popular Destinations for Moving Overseas


Each year, nearly 150,000 UK citizens pack up and set off for a new life abroad, either because of the bad British weather, the ailing economy, a new job or just because they want to make a fresh start somewhere different. For some, it is only temporary, with many ex pats moving overseas for just a year or two, for others it is a permanent decision,

A guide to moving abroad with children


When moving abroad with children you will want to make sure they can adjust to their new lifestyle easily. Moving overseas with kids can become difficult since they may not instantly appreciate the reason for leaving their home country. This article is written to aid you with taking the correct measures in ensuring your children have a smooth transition when relocating overseas.

A perfect time to move abroad


As a growing number of UK citizens explore moving overseas, the prospects for purchasing a home abroad is better than its ever been. Spain remains one of the most common destinations for UK migrants, notwithstanding its recognisable economic problems, as the relaxed daily life and the ease of air travel provides it an appeal that is tough to resist.