Relocating Abroad - a definitive guide part 2


To aid in preparation for your international removal, we have set out underneath, a suggested checklist starting from four weeks prior to you move abroad, right up to the last week of the move.
You can use this to cross items off as you go, you can print out a copy of your international moving checklist so you can have it closely available to you should you need to refer to it.

Your International Moving Checklist

Four Weeks prior to your International Move

  • Give yourself enough time to explain the motives for your move to your family and close relations.
  • Organise and dispose of possessions you don't need any more.
  • Remove items from the loft and garage, if you have one.
  • Ensure that all your passports are valid and not out of date and, if required, you have your visa's.
  • If you are bringing your car abroad with you, make inquiries to see if you need an international driving licence.
  • Speak to your solicitor and ask for copies of wills, medical and dental records.
  • Speak to your bank and let them know of your plans so your bank accounts can be transferred in good time.
  • Find out about quarantine regulations if you are taking your pets with you. (You may also want to get copies of veterinary records).

Three Weeks Before Your International Move

  • Ensure you have insurance cover which is in place for your car, personal and medical to cover any eventualities.
  • Inform your electricity and gas suppliers of your move and ask them to read meters. Ask them to turn off supplies off or transfer them on the day your international move.
  • Cancel landline telephone, mobile phone and internet connection contracts. Ask them to give you a final summary of your account.
  • Set up forwarding with the post office to ensure you receive any mail sent to your old address.
  • Send out change of address cards to inform people of your move.
  • Give your children's school notice that you will be moving.
  • Ensure you have school reports and certificates that you can take with you to show the new schools.
  • Organanise and documents such as permits, tax records and credit references and put them in a safe place.
  • Check the health regulations of your new country if you intend to take and food or plants with you.
  • Cancel any subscrptions or direct debits you may have for gym memberships, clubs etc.

Two Weeks Before Your International Move

  • Make a decision about which items you will be packing yourself and start separating them from items that will be packed by your international removals company.
  • Put aside items of jewellery and personal belongings that you want to take yourself. Ensure that you pack these items carefully.
  • Ensure that you have your plane tickets, hotel booking information, passports and any other important documents to hand.
  • If you are taking any garden tools with you put them aside for packing. If you are taking any machinery with you ensure any fuel or oil is fully drained first and any gas bottles are disconnected.
  • Drain hosepipes of any water and make sue they are rolled carefully.

On The Day Of Your International Move

  • Make sure you speak to the packing supervisor so you can identify any 'special' items. Ensure you both go through each room to recap on what needs to be packed etc. This will make the day go far smoother.
  • We will ask you to sign the inventory list and confirm everything is present and correct. Make sure you keep a copy of this to refer back to should you need to.
  • Organise small important items and label them so you won't forget them when they are packed together with other items.
  • Organise your keys into groups I.e. those you will be taking with you and those you want to leave behind.
  • Make up a 'survival kit' with all the items you will need when you first arrive.
  • Speak to people in your street and ensure there is enough parking space for the removals vehicles.