International Storage

If you are planning to move abroad, we can offer storage solutions in the UK or overseas at your new destination. Because international shipping and storage can be quite different to moving in the UK. You may be required to stagger your shipments or you maybe moving into temporary accommodation until you find a permanent home. Should your possessions need to be stored for any length of time, our experienced move co-ordinators will ensure that your items are stored safely until it's time to export or forward them on to your new home.

Storing in the UK

If you are renting your property while overseas, you can store your personal effects with us for a period to suit your needs.
We can professionally pack your furniture or store your personal items into cartons and take your goods into storage until you return back to the UK. All our staff are trained international packers, in fact they are only allowed to pack our customers possessions after successfully completing our own in house training programme. As a result, our highly professional packing services are widely regarded as one of the best international packing services within the removals industry when moving abroad.

Export packing and storing in the UK

If you want to store your possessions prior to exporting them, we can pack your furniture and household items for export until you are ready to receive the consignment. This means that your furniture is fully packed for maximum protection, ready to be sent by your preferred overseas transit option when you want it. You can start the transit process from your new home overseas by contacting your Move Co-ordinator.

Storage at your destination

We can arrange to store your goods in the new country you have moved to as part of your moving plan. Your move co-ordinator will liaise with our partner at your destination and will take care of all the necessary arrangements. Storage rates tend to vary globally, but are generally based on the volume you want to store and the length of time you want to store it for. We will create a separate inventory list for all your items that will go into store. You can then arrange for your goods to be forwarded onto you when your new place of residence is ready.

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